• 1.How to make a custom strap?

    1.If you select any product on the website, you only need to adjust the size\ logo\ accessories. We can modidy if according to our own technical drawings, provide drawings to show the results, and help customers make judgements and more intuitively select. 2.The customer can provide a sketch to show the desired product size, structure, and accessory composition. It can be improved according to the customer's sketch, and 3D drawings are provided for the customer to browse the product effect, communicate and negotiate with the customer to improve the product, and finally make a manual kind of confirmation. 3.Only the concept of the product and the desired effect can be provided. We can provide product sketches as required, and then provide material samples and accessories samples for customers to chhose,and then provide accurate drawings based on the confirmed materials and accessories, and finially arrange for sample confirmation.

  • 2.How to choose suitable materials?

    When choosing a webbing,you can choose according to different webbing properties. The materials are polyester, PP, nylon, cotton; specifications can be woven according to requirements; crafting methods include woven, cord, tubular and various shapes. Functional webbing can be selected according to different uses, such as waterproof, Anti-slip, cut-proof, fire-proof, etc. The function of custom logo can be realized through different methods such as silk-screen printing, heat-transfer, digital printing, rubber logo, jacquard,and etc.

  • 3.How to show the corresponding indicators of safety performance?

    1.Reflective performance, can provide reflective index test report; 2.High tension safety belt, can provide breaking strength test report and video; 3.UV anti-aging webbing, new material can reach 1500-3000 hours of anti-UV.

  • 4.What is the minimum order quantity?

    For conventional ready-made materials, 1,000pcs can be ordered. If it is a customized webbing, the MOQ is determined according to the different minimum requirements of the material.

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